Our company specializes in supplying high quality spare parts and equipment for thermal power plants. Our suppliers are large enterprises of power engineering industry from Russia, Ukraine, France and Switzerland. We offer:

Replacement parts for steam turbines


Replacement parts for turbine generators

Details of steam distribution and regulation units. Stator parts.
Rotor units. Blading details. Nozzle segments, guide vanes,
diaphragms, bearings, bushings and oil pumps.
Tread rings, made of nonmagnetic stainless steel according to the ASTM A289/A289M-97 standard (replaces P900 LVKR 5/87). Bushings, body seals, oil interceptors. Filter elements. Current carrying bolts, terminal screws, sealing rings, washers and gaskets.

Replacement parts for feed pumps and

oil pumps


The auxiliary heat exchanging equipment for

power plants

Replacement parts for feed pumps and oil pumps.
Rotors, tooth-type couplings and turbine settings.
Ejectors, pipe systems. Oil coolers. Screen filters. Power heaters. Replacement parts for repairs.
steam turbine 1 ring 1 ring 2 bolts 1 part 1 bolts 2

Advanced bolted connections systems with preliminary tension, designed and manufactured in Switzerland:

Are used for replacement of standard turbine rotors coupling boxes fastener manufactured by LMZ and other manufacturing plants
(e.g., steam turbine K-300-240 LMZ, coupling rotors HP-MP, MP-LP, LP-RG).

Functions: flanges positioning, radial alignment, adjustment of the axial displacement, the creation of a radial preload, the creation of
an additional axial preload.

Power transmission: a preliminary radial load ensures a stable contact with the surface of the hole, large hole tolerances and
alignment achievement are possible.

Can be used for replacement of other standard bolted connections.

One of our main activities is the organization and the management of spare parts manufacturing steam turbines.
Our internal systems, technologies and concepts can provide:

complete planning of production processes and logistics;
internal, and at the customer request, external reports about implementation of the order;
measures for quality management;
manufacturing quality of the parts at full according their technical documentation.

Certificate of quality management
system ISO 9001:2008

Our office in St. Petersburg
195027, Russia, address
30, Magnitogorsk Str.